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Since 2012, W. A. Booth Plumbing Services has been helping homeowners throughout Annapolis with a wide variety of plumbing needs. We make a point of furnishing timely service, professional communication, and dependable results, and we currently have open appointment slots in your area that are waiting to be filled. Let a plumber in Annapolis, MD, from our team provide you with:

Common Troubling Signs of Water Heater Problems

A water heater that's hissing loudly or that makes other unusual noises may have sediment in the tank or could be impacted by rust or limescale build-up. A unit that produces no hot water at all might have a broken thermostat or heating element while a unit that can't keep up with demand could be undersized. Like other plumbing components, water heaters are also prone to developing leaks at connection points and wearing out due to age.

When is Trenchless Repair the Most Viable Option?

Trenchless repair techniques are most effective when used on pipes that exhibit corrosion, cracking, tree root infiltration and other types of localized damage. In areas with extensive landscaping, hardscaping or surface obstructions, this popular technology is sometimes the only available solution for carrying out necessary repairs.

What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Visit


Upon arriving at your location, our crew will perform a complete sewer line inspection with a water-resistant camera. If we find a blockage in the line, we'll deploy our hydro jetting equipment to blast away dirt and grease or utilize a different type of drain clearing equipment to break up roots and other stubborn obstructions. We'll then conduct a follow-up inspection if needed to gauge the effectiveness of our work.

Reasons to Leave Your Plumbing Services to Our Pros


Plumbing problems always seem to occur at the most inopportune moments, but our inspection, maintenance, and repair services are aimed at keeping your home's plumbing system in great working order at all times. Our team is also qualified to provide all-new plumbing, plumbing replacement, and plumbing upgrades at local residential properties.

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If you suspect that there's a possible plumbing issue developing at your Annapolis-area home, turn to W. A. Booth Plumbing Services right away. We'll be happy to answer your questions by phone and schedule an initial consultation to meet with you at your convenience.