Drain Cleaning

Benefit from Professional Drain Cleaning in Severna Park, MD, and Beyond


At the first sign of a clog issue, count on W. A. Booth Plumbing. We specialize in professional drain cleaning in Severna Park, MD, and nearby areas. We use only the safest and most effective methods to address clogged drains and more. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

Plumber Repairing Pipe Under Sink

The Importance of Periodic Drain Cleaning

Failing to keep your property's drains clear of grease, tree roots and other debris could eventually lead to a partial or complete drain blockage that results in the back-up of unhealthy sewage into your home. The expert drain cleaning services of W. A. Booth Plumbing Services are intended to avert potential problems before they happen and before further damage to the sewer line can occur.

The Problems With DIY Drain Cleaning


Improper drain snaking can cause discolored plumbing fixtures, damaged piping, and exposure to caustic chemicals, but these hazards can be avoided by contacting us for drain clearing and maintenance services. In addition, many clogs occur too far down inside the line for do-it-yourself methods to be of much help anyway.

The Top Causes of Drain Clogs


Most clogged drain issues are caused by the improper disposal of grease, food scraps, paper products, personal care items, and other materials. Over time, these items may become consolidated into large masses that impede the free flow of water through the line. Tree roots that find their way into sewer lines also contribute to pipeline blockages by continuing to grow and trapping smaller particles that further block the line.

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Leave the difficult work of drain cleaning in the hands of the skilled professionals here at W. A. Booth Plumbing Services. Call us or fill out the form to reserve an appointment for the day and time that best fit your schedule. We look forward to resolving your drain issues right away.