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If you need a plumber in Millersville, MD, only an experienced professional will do. You don't have to look any further than W. A. Booth Plumbing Services. Our company has been in operation in this area since 2012, and our friendly, dedicated personnel are backed by decades of collective expertise in all aspects of plumbing and trenchless service. We specialize in:

Our Top Tips on Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance should occupy a prominent spot on your home's regular inspection and maintenance schedule. Problems should be taken care of immediately instead of being put off, and our professional team should be consulted before you attempt any repairs on your own.

The Leading Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Many sewer line issues that we encounter are caused by cracks that allow tree roots to enter and clog the pipe. Pipelines also tend to settle over time due to soil movement and erosion, and this can lead to separation between sections. In addition, sewer lines often become blocked by built-up grease, hair, or large items that find their way through a toilet or drain.

Why It's Best to Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning


When faced with a backed-up sewer line, it can be tempting to try running a homemade or store-bought snake into the line, but doing so could end up causing even more problems later on. Amateur drain snaking can contribute to pipe damage, and this is especially true for old, antiquated pipes. Contacting our dependable team for professional drain cleaning services is a far better option.

Common Signs of Water Heater Issues


Your home's water heater should operate silently and free of leaks. If you notice any unexplained moisture underneath or near your water heater or detect strange sizzling or popping noises from the unit, reaching out to us to arrange a visit from our knowledgeable team should be your first course of action.

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